Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A New Book on Popular Cinema of Bangladesh

A new research based book on popular cinema of Bangladesh by Giti Ara Nasreen and Fahmidul Haq has been published from Shrabon Prokashoni in the Ekushey Bookfair, February 2008. The book is now available at Shrabon's showroom at Shahbag book market.

For an impression, here are some relevant information:

Title: Bangladesher Chalochchitro Shilpo: Sangkote Janosangskriti
(The Film Industry of Bangladesh: Popular Culture in Crisis)
Authors: Giti Ara Nasreen and Fahmidul Haq
Publisher: Shrabon Prokashoni
Cover: Robin Ahsan
Number of Pages: 186
Price: BDT 200

Lists of Contents


Clapstick 1
Wide Angel: Film as Popular Culture

Clapstick 2
Flashback: The History of Film of Bangladesh (1996-1999)

Clapstick 3
Zoom-in: Contemporary Trends of Film Industry

Clapstick 4
Slow Motion: Government, Censor Board and Film of Bangladesh

Clapstick 5
Mise-en-scene: Textual Analysis--What Do Public Swallow?

Clapstick 6
Close-up: The Face of the Audience and the Theatres

Clapstick 7
Deep Focus: Solution Formula of the Crisis

End Notes, References of Stills and References